Anthony thought me so many techniques that I feel ready to take on any challenge that life throws at me.

I am no longer concerned about what other people think about me and I know at the deepest levels of myself that I can achieve anything. 

Jackie G. - Fairfax, VA

MindSpa Hypnotica

Experience relaxation in a way you never have before. Gain benefit far beyond that of a simple relaxation massage and ignite solution based thinking at an unconscious level.

Relax the mind and rejuvenate the body and spirit. Forget the hassle of dressing and undressing for a massage and experience profound benefits for up to a month or more and get all of that for the same price as decent back rub.

When you experience MindSpa on a regular basis you sleep better, experience less stress, make healthier lifestyle choices, feel confident and secure, have better relationships at home and work plus you have more energy.

The Dream Experience

The MindSpa Hypnotica Dream experience was created to provide you with the tools to create and maintain a powerful sense well being and solution based problem solving through relaxation and dreams.

An extended induction along with multiple deepeners lead you into a deep mental and physical state of relaxation and trance that will lead to new ways of understanding and growth.

Metaphor and analogy are used to explore what it means to relax, to dream and to be successful.

Experience multiple dream sequences that provide insight and growth.

The Time Experience

An extended relaxing induction with multiple deepeners guides your client into a deep mental and physical state of relaxation and trance.

The trance work encourages the you to recognize those times in your life when you were successful and understand that you already have everything you need to continue to be successful.

Remembering past successes allows you to experience and integrate those wins onto the present and well into the future.

MindSpa Hypnotica ensures that this new way of experiencing time will provide resources you have forgotten to use.

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