MindSpa Hypnotica – The Dream Experience

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The MindSpa Script Dreaming was created to provide your clients with the tools to create and maintain a powerful sense well being and solution based problem solving through relaxation and dreams.

An extended induction along with multiple deepeners lead your client into a deep mental and physical state of relaxation and trance that will lead to new ways of understanding and growth. Metaphor and analogy are used to explore what it means to relax, to dream and to be successful.

You allow your client the opportunity to experience multiple dream sequences that provide insight and growth.

“The MindSpa Dreaming script allows the hypnotic subject to experience a deep level of relaxation that is often highly desired among our clients who are looking for relief from their stressful, active lives. During this opportunity to slow down and relax, MindSpa Dreaming assists the client in understanding and accessing their Subconscious and Unconscious minds while creating inspiration to create happiness and success in the his or her life. As the client embraces these dreams, they begin to create the life they want to live. This script provides a wonderful vacation from the client’s day to day life, and opens up potential for ongoing and deeper work with the hypnotist as desired by the client.”

– Brenda Titus, Board Certified Hypnotist, Healing Path Hypnosis

MindSpa is the only 100% complete hypnosis product available. With this purchase, you will receive a downloaded zip folder with the following:

  • The MindSpa Dream Experience
  • Intake template
  • Session check list
  • Provider Guide
  • Supplemental group induction

And the following marketing materials, on which you can embed your logo and business information:

  • Two Instagram Posts
  • Web Banner
  • Facebook banner
  • EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail (post card size)
  • Flyer (8.5 x 11)
  • Gift certificate

Each MindSpa script has the induction, deepeners, trance ratification, and post hypnotic suggestions built right in.

Script Sample:

…And to dream is to have a vision and what is a vision but a series of mental images of sometimes bizarre vividness often times mixed with a dash of clarity… or a sparkle of wisdom…. and I wonder what wisdom is searching for you in this relaxation… in this dream….

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